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Leftists Threaten Violence as Abortion Debate Rages

CLAY: I know that everybody wants to focus on Republicans and how dangerous they are, despite the fact that we’ve got people showing up and protesting outside Supreme Court justices’ homes and that as soon, almost, as the leak of Justice Alito’s opinion went out, they put up fencing around the Supreme Court. CBS Morning News reported that DHS is warning about extremist violence that could come from either side. I want to play this clip for you, And I just want you out there thinking:

Why would there be extremist violence if Roe v. Wade is overturned from the side that wants to overturn Roe v. Wade? Are we thinking that this is gonna be a moment when people decide, despite the fact that they haven’t done it for 50 years, that they’re suddenly gonna show up and burn down buildings because Roe v. Wade is finally overturned? Just listen to this and understand the lies that you are being told. Extremist violence might happen. That’s very much a reality — and, unfortunately, a possibility — but it ain’t gonna come from the side that’s happy that Roe v. Wade got overturned. Listen.

BUCK: This is not a “both sides” issue. I’m sorry — we’re not gonna play this game — and here’s what’s going on. They recognize that there’s a lot of tension and it’s a bad look because it’s all coming from the lunatic crybabies who can’t handle democracy in action. The people that use the term “democracy” all the time, it’s such an irony here. The ones that are saying we have to protect our democracy, are terrified of, on this issue, democratic action, meaning people getting to vote in states which is where this belongs because it is not in the Constitution, and we all know it.

And that’s one component of it. I think the other one is just they realize that there’s such a disparity from the approaches of the two sides of this issue. For decades, for decades pro-life organizations worked within the system and the law to try to change hearts and minds and save as many lives as they could. They weren’t calling for the overthrow of our judicial system. I know people say, ‘Well, what about this doctor who was…?” Okay, there are lone extremists in any intensely believed ideology. When you look at tens of millions of pro-lifers over multiple decades, it’s a tiny group that have ever even tried violence, and the pro-life movement will tell you that is contrary to the ethos of the pro-life movement, of course.

CLAY: Right.

BUCK: And was also counterproductive. So, it was immoral and it was unhelpful to have any violence, destruction.

CLAY: Bad combo.

BUCK: Bad combo, right; so wrong and stupid for taking a violent acts. And the left doesn’t feel that way about a whole range of issues. Violence, destruction are beyond the pale. And they certainly don’t feel that way. Look at the things they’re saying. This is “forced birthing” now, that this is a form of the “enslavement” of women and their uteruses he can, you know, manhandled by the state. The stuff they’re saying is completely insane, and I think the media is trying to come up with some narrative of, “Well, there are crazies on both sides.” No, no. Actually, the crazies are the ones that want to abort babies all nine months of a pregnancy.

CLAY: Which brings me to this cut. A physician here said, “When does life begin? It’s when you’re born.” So up to birth, abortions are fine. Listen to this. This is Dr. Yashica Robinson.

CLAY: Okay. So the standard — and, by the way, I also want to play this ’cause I think it’s indicative of the larger political question. Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, says there should be zero restrictions at all to abortion all the way up to and through nine-months of pregnancies, which no one — virtually no one — in the entire United States believed. Listen to Eric Adams.

BUCK: I really mean this: I think Eric Adams is dumb.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: He’s not smart, and so I don’t expect for his constitutional analysis to be strong. Beyond that, though, imagine if you actually took this phrase, Clay, to its extent. A woman can determine what she wants to do with her body. Okay. So if a woman is standing on a bridge threatening to jump, that’s her body; so then the police just go, “Oh, okay. No big deal! Do whatever you want. Do whatever you want with your body.” This is lunacy and then even beyond that, the whole point is it’s not just the woman’s body. What do they not see in the argument? You know what they don’t see? They’re blind to it intentionally.

CLAY: That’s what it is. They see it. They’re afraid because the abortion lobby is so incredibly powerful in the Democrat Party, they’re afraid of stepping astride of it, and I’ll just say this. Every media member worth their salt, first of all, should be asking, “Do you believe women should be able to have abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy?” Joe Biden needs to be asked that, Nancy Pelosi, everyone in a position of power, Chuck Schumer — and, Buck, on top of that?

When they answer, if they say “yes,” then the question should be, “So do you disagree with virtually every state in the country,” to your point, Buck. If a pregnant mom, God forbid, something awful happens to a pregnant mom — unfortunately violence is happening to lots of innocent people all over this country — but if a pregnant mom is nine months pregnant and she is shot in her stomach and the baby dies and she dies, almost every single criminal statute in America would count that as two murders, right? You killed the life of a baby, even though it’s still inside the mother, and also the mother. So should that only be one murder?

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: That’s a question that’s ease to ask Eric Adams. You believe that women should be able to make the choice. Why can a woman decide to kill a baby in the ninth month when it is viable, but if someone else shot it, it would be murder?

BUCK: It’s because they rely on the obviously immoral proposition that a woman’s desire for the baby inside her is what confers personhood on the baby. Essentially, he would respond to her, “Well, if that mother wanted that baby, then maybe it’s a murder, but if that mother didn’t want that baby,” which of course is morally illogical and heinous, but I’m just saying this is what they’re reduced to, and there are… I see some parallels of disarray on the left right now. Remember during the CRT thing, Clay, when the argument from the left kept shifting. It was, “There is no CRT taught in schools,” and then it was, “Well, you don’t know what CRT is,” and then it was, “Well, CRT is just honest history.”

Well, that was over the course of a few weeks it was changing all the time. You’ll see people, particularly the media, say, asking about nine-month abortions is crazy. Nobody would support that. And then the next day you got the mayor of New York, you’ve got the Senate candidate in Ohio. I could sit here and rattle off names of politicians who are saying, “Yeah, nine-month baby’s ready to go, not a baby if the woman doesn’t want it.”

They’re crazy. And they don’t know how to argue around this because what are they gonna do? They gonna let the American people know that this is an immoral movement? They gonna let them know that the sacrament that the Democrat Party is built on is rooted in contradictory and absurd and malevolent arguments? No. So they’re just flailing. They’re flailing. They don’t even have good arguments.

CLAY: And, by the way, for all the suburban women out there listening — ’cause I do think, Buck, there are a lot of them — I haven’t heard any Republicans say he wants to take away or she wants to take away birth control, I haven’t heard any Republican say —

BUCK: Not one.

CLAY: — that there shouldn’t be access to, for instance, the morning-after pill or things that are right there around the time of sex or to prevent pregnancies, all those things. That’s important, right, to think about the way that this goes on both sides of a pregnancy. Because most people… Look, it’s a incredibly complex issue that deserves to be discussed in a democratic process and given back to the 50 states in my opinion. People can have all different sorts of opinions and not be wrong about birth control and you can make your own private choices on all that.

BUCK: I’ve gone to… For years I’ve gone to pro-life events and donated to pro-life causes. I mean, I’m not going to… I, for example, the life of the mother rape and incest exceptions, and there are pro-life people, by the way, who will disagree with me, and they have strong arguments on some of those cases that are really… But I’m just saying, okay, we can have that discussion, right?

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: We can have the life… If someone disagrees with the life of the mother is an exception to an anti-abortion policy, we can have that debate. We can’t be having the “nine-months it’s not a baby” debate.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: And that’s actually what we’re having in this country right now.

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