New Chillicothe Farmers Market Vendor Offers Freeze-Dried Almost Anything

A new vendor at the Chillicothe Farmers Market sells just about anything freeze-dried. “Ninety Three Fifty -Preserved” offers fruits, vegetables, candy, ice cream, drink pouches, eggs, and more – in a crisp, dry form that could last 25 years.

Owner Jennifer Hutchison says she started with an experiment on Hirsch’s Black Raspberries. She now converts popular candies like Skittles into “Skedaddles,” where they have popped open and gone powdery.

But she also offers healthier foods that can be saved for years in a cool, dry storage.

She says she named her company after the address on State Route 772 where she grew up. Hutchison lives in the Waverly area but sells her foods in the Hirsch’s Fruit Farm market on Seney Road off Bridge Street, and in the Shop Small Boutique Mall on Water Street in Chillicothe – among other places, now including the Chillicothe Farmers Market.

“Ninety Three Fifty -Preserved” has a website and Facebook page. Hear Hutchison in her own words in the interview video in the article on the Scioto Post.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for the Scioto Post and iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact Kevin Coleman or the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom.

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