Toss Tea Overboard for the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

As I reported earlier, the Boston Tea Party is in Chillicothe to celebrate its 250th anniversary this month.

And since it was a key event leading up to the American Revolution, the Ohio organization on “America 250” visited the ship and crates of tea in First Presbyterian Church. (Hear more from them in another story, coming up.)

The ship is a 14 foot plywood replica, and the boxes of tea are cardboard, but it is a fun and educational experience for children…as well as adults, who can can also toss the tea overboard.

Terressa Reep is the Regent of the Nathaniel Massie Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, who are offering 35- to 40-minute guided tours December 7-8 and 11-15. She and other volunteers explained the exhibit to representatives of “America 250 Ohio” Thursday.

First Presbyterian Church is on Mead Drive, off Belleview Avenue in Chillicothe.

It’s free, but you must make a reservation. Reep says adults as well a school groups are welcome. You can contact the DAR through their public Facebook page, or directly through Reep at or 740 / 253-1067.

See and learn much more in the below videos, where the two ladies from America 250 Ohio visited the exhibit.

Find more in the article on the Scioto Post, with several videos.

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