WATCH: Deer Breaks Into Elementary School, Trashes Classroom

A deer runs amok inside an elementary school classroom

Photo: Toms River Police Department

Officers in Toms River, New Jersey, were called to Cedar Grove Elementary School last week after a deer broke into the building. The Toms River Police Department received a 911 call on November 30 that a deer had jumped through a glass window of the school.

When officers arrived, they found the deer running amok through the hallways. The department posted body camera footage of officers following the deer as it broke into a classroom and started tearing decorations off the wall.

According to WCAU, the officers used a dog snare to corral the wild deer and lead it out of the building through a rear door.

"Officers opened the rear door and guided their new furry friend to the exit. The deer was last seen headed North," the department wrote on Facebook.

They said the deer did not appear to be injured.

Toms River Schools Superintendent Michael Citta joked that the deer was working for Santa Claus.

"We believe that perhaps the deer was checking to see who was naughty or nice," Citta told the news station.

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