Ross County Grand Jury: Sexual Assault after Helping with Phone Bill

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 11 of their cases Friday, with only one open. 

According to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office in that case, police officers were called the 300 block of East Second Street on July 14th on a sexual assault.

The victim said 57-year-old Clyde Hall Jr. of 126 Cutright Drive was a former friend of hers. She went to Hall‘s house to ask for a loan to pay her phone bill. He agreed to pay it, and they went to Wal-Mart together to use the ATM.

When they got back in the car, the victim thanked Hall for the money, but Hall said ‘nothing comes for free.’ She said he then put his hand down her pants and inserted two fingers into her vagina.

The victim said she protested, and Hall then grabbed her head and tried to force her head into his crotch. When the victim refused, Hall slammed her head onto the dashboard.

Hall then drove back to his house, and when the car stopped, the victim jumped out and called 9-1-1.

For indictments on first degree felony rape and second degree felony attempted rape, Hall could get up to 19 years and $35,000 in fines. 

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