Ross County EMS Committee Meets with Consultants

On June 20th, the Ross County Commissioners hosted the first meeting with the company that will be studying the EMS situation in the county. Kevin Coleman was there.

Devon Shoemaker, Ross County Planner, led the online meeting with representing townships, EMS crews, and firefighters, and the sheriff and county. Everyone on the steering committee had the first opportunity to meet the the consultants to develop the EMS plan, Cambridge Consulting Group.

Shoemaker said Cambridge Consultants were chosen largely because they have extensive field experience as EMS and firefighter crews and managers, in addition to their analytical skills.

He said the next big step is coordination between the consultants and the county EMS working group, and data collection. Cambridge Consultants will visit at least four times, and the plan is for the study to be finished in November.

The committee pointed out that the result will not necessarily be a countywide EMS service...but what the data recommends.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom or Kevin Coleman

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