Republican Chillicothe Mayoral Candidate Holds Kickoff Event

The Republican Chillicothe mayoral candidate held her kickoff event Tuesday night, April 25th. Kevin Coleman spoke with her.

Council member and Safety-Service chair Julie Preston was at Rost Coffee Tuesday evening with an audience of about 100. She said she wants to continue her community service to the town that she grew up in, lived in all her life, and dedicated her life to.

Preston spoke from her perspective as a retired police officer, saying safety and security is something that needs to be changed. That includes taking care of drug issues, and expanding safety beyond just the downtown.

You can learn more on her Facebook page.

The current mayor of Chillicothe is Luke Feeney, member of the Democratic party. Independent candidate Jade Berry held her kickoff event last Tuesday.

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The January announcement for Republican Mayoral Candidate for Chillicothe, Julie Preston, from her Facebook page. Photo: David Glass

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