Chillicothe Trails Partnership Seeking to Improve Local Trail Experiences

Ross County has some of the highest milage and biggest potential in Ohio for recreational trails, and a local activist is promoting that.

Ty McBee is a cyclist and part of Adena Health System and the Ross County Park District, but he spoke with the Ross County Commissioners Monday on a nonprofit partnership. "Chillicothe Trails" is a project of the Ross County Trail Initiative.

He says it was founded in 2020 but has had a slow startup. McBee has a goal of 200 more members to raise awareness and support, especially with the expected tourism increase from the Hopewell earthworks.

McBee says their goals are to develop more trails, develop trails that are "destination quality," create excitement for them, and create events.

He explained that "destination trails" are designed for an optimum experience, and that the five types of trails are mountain bike, equestrian, hiking, running, and water.

McBee pointed out that a study by ODNR shows that all five potential destination trail parks, following state recommendations, are in or next to Ross County.

Learn more on their website or Facebook page. Hear the full interview below.

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Chillicothe Trails

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