Chillicothe Considering How to Spend Appalachian Ohio Grant

Last week, Chillicothe Council heard about an upcoming grant possibility. Kevin Coleman asked Mayor Luke Feeney about that.

He said Ohio is offering a two-stage $500,000 grant to Appalachian Ohio, as part of the state's share of the American Rescue Plan.

Feeney says the state is encouraging communities to work together, and they want transformational projects.

He says the first stage would pay to plan for applying for the second stage, in a year. What would Chillicothe go for? Feeney said the "Engage Chillicothe" program to get ideas from the community has brought out some good ones.

He said workforce development would support about any kind of job, and childcare could be a big part of that.

Other ideas are to build upon our recreational trail system and downtown revitalization.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom or Kevin Coleman

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