"Lizardmania" Continues to Inhabit the Pump House this Month

"Lizardmania," the other half of this month's show at the Pump House, continues for a week and a half. Kevin Coleman was there.

Gary Hutchinson lives in Circleville, but 20 years ago, he says guilt and his wife inspired him to create his first lizard sculpture in Florida.

He had made a paper maché bird for a local art gallery, but didn't want to do another. His wife reminded him that he had stepped on a lizard when they first arrived, so he admits it was done out of atonement.

Hutchinson describes his about eight-inch figures as "whimsical paper maché characters." The have such titles as "Pinball Lizard, " Wizard Lizard," and the "Blues Lizard."

49 of his more than a hundred characters are for sale at the Pump House. He makes numbered serial versions of his popular characters, but each one is slightly unique. He also makes custom lizard characters. You can contact him though the Pump House.

Artistic gifts can be found in December's holiday show in the Pump House.

See Kevin's photos photos of "Lizardmania" and hear his interview below.

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