Land Bank Grant to Help Clear Path for New Chillicothe Recreational Trail

The Ross County land bank held a special meeting Monday morning with the Ross County Commissioners. Kevin Coleman was there.

It was mainly over trying to acquire one property, but the results of Friday's state grant were discussed.

The chair of the land bank, Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney, said the city requested $130,000 above the $500,000 that the state handed out to each county...and they got it.

That addition was to remove the little-known Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the valley near the abandoned railroad behind Grandview Cemetery.

Feeney said it has been abandoned for many years, but the cost of demolition was expensive. But the grant fund will not just pay for that, but planting grass and adding trail signage.

This makes a long-planned recreational trail more likely, from the Junction Earthworks at Belleview Avenue and Plyley's Lane, to the south end of Paint Street near the stone house and Valero.

Hear Kevin's interview with Feeney in the podcast below.

Kevin Coleman covers local government and culture for iHeart Media Southern Ohio. For stories or questions, contact the iHeart Southern Ohio Newsroom or Kevin Coleman

Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant, Chillicothe OH, located on aerial mapping

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