Spetnagel to Not Seek Re-election as Ross County County Auditor

Tom Spetnagel Jr. has announced his decision to not seek reelection as Ross County County Auditor in 2022, and shared an open letter:


I am grateful to each and every one of you for allowing me to serve in elected office these last 12 years. After much reflection, Breanne and I have decided as a family not to seek another 4-year term as County Auditor. There were several factors that led us to this decision, including: our desire to spend more time with family and less time on the campaign trail; exhaustion from dealing with Covid and several years of “toxic” politics; and the opportunity to pursue interests outside of the political arena altogether.

I assure everyone that voters will still have a choice in the race for Auditor next year and that I will finish out my remaining time at the county with the same level of professionalism you’ve come to expect from me. As a local attorney and businessperson in the private sector, I will continue working hard to make the community a better place for the next generation (especially my two very gifted sons, Tre and Tyson, who are my heart and soul).

Looking back, I am extremely proud of my contributions to local government. The county earned clean audits every single year on my watch and received once-in-a-generation upgrades to its payroll, accounting, real estate, and tax systems. I was also a leader in the early days of the pandemic, keeping everyone at the Courthouse safe and ensuring that none of the essential work fell behind.

Thanks again for giving this ‘hometown boy’ the chance to make good-I will never forget it!

Yours in service,

Tom Spetnagel Jr.

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