Chillicothe Council: Public Works Department, Best Home Town in Ohio

Chillicothe Council did not vote on their two items in their Monday night regular session, but heard some news.

Mayor Luke Feeney said the city has been working on improving services, and will try restructuring to reduce inefficiencies. He said they found "pressure points" between engineering and utilities.

So, they will be moving toward a Public Works Department to combine utilities, engineering, and billing. This will change the chain of command so that the Utility Director reports to the City Engineer. Feeney said, for example, this should make the timing of repaving versus water line work easier to coordinate.

Feeney also mentioned that Thursday's trick-or-treat is rain-or-shine...unless there's a severe weather advisory.

Council heard that Ohio Magazine selected Chillicothe as the "Best Home Town" for 2021 and 2022, which will be officially announced at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony November 19th.

And, everyone is gearing up for the Purple Heart City ceremony on November 11th.

Chillicothe City Council's regular meetings are broadcast live on Facebook Live, and can be found on Council's Facebook page.

Kevin Coleman reports on local culture and government

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