Planned Improvements to Bridge Street Showcased

Thursday evening, the state highway department showed how they plan to improve safety and traffic flow on Chillicothe's Bridge Street.

ODOT filled the Christopher Conference Center with about 15 panels showing six major planned changes that they hope to start building in about three years. Some have two or three variations to choose from.

That includes a sidewalk or bike and pedestrian lane along the east side of the roadway, as well as extension of the sidewalk on the west.

Then there's changes on Stewart Road, and its intersections with Consumer Center Drive to Shawnee Square and River Trace to Wal-Mart. The River Trace intersection could remain a stop sign, get a traffic light...or a roundabout.

The end of the US 35 eastbound offramp will be realigned, and there are a few options for redirecting traffic movement.

The end of Pawnee Road will be tweaked. Lane alterations and pedestrian improvements on Bridge Street end near there.

And, a new access road will connect Marietta Road to North Plaza Boulevard behind Applebee's and Raising Canes. That will need a name to be assigned by city council, but the public is welcome to give input.

All this is on ODOT's website, and the public can comment on them for the next 30 days.

The traffic light changes that have been underway this month is a city-ODOT task that is separate from these plans, but partly a stopgap to help traffic and safety until these changes are made. 

Kevin Coleman reports on local culture and government

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