Chillicothe Council: Repair Western Fire Station, Increase Code Enforcement

Chillicothe Council met in regular session Monday night, October 11th, 2021.

Safety Services chair Tara Gillum saw $41,0000 appropriated for roof, door, and window replacement on Fire Station 4.

She said the funds were taken from those for a planed a new fire station to serve the West Side, now taken off the agenda. They will help the current one remain in use on University Drive.

Mayor Luke Feeney and the representative of the Law Director's Office spoke on a plan for increasing code enforcement and funding demolitions of dilapidated buildings.

And Jackson city resident Kenneth Star spoke in audience participation on accountability over a police crash September 3rd.

He described how a report showed that Police Officer Arbogast went about 60 miles an hour over the railroad tracks on East Second Street - without lights or sirens - going airborne and totaling three vehicles.

Star said the report was incomplete, and that his interest into it resulted in increased penalties for the officer.

Star asked for council or the mayor to take action to increase accountability for police.

Of council's eight ordinances, all were first reading, of which council passed six. Hear and watch the session on council's Facebook Live video.

Kevin Coleman reports on local culture and government

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