Circleville Council Sets Up Downtown Districts, Hears Mayor Out

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council set up a way for the downtown to help improve itself.

Council had asked the director of the local economic development agency to help them use a tool created by the state called "Downtown Redevelopment Districts."

Ryan Scribner, head of the Pickaway Progress Partnership, pointed out that these DRD's do NOT increase taxes, just redirect 70% of increased tax revenue to help the area producing the taxes.

Scribner said the money raised could go for grants to owners of historic buildings, for improvement of non-historic buildings, and to improve the infrastructure in the DRD.

Council passed the ordinance to create four districts of about 10 acres each covering the downtown.


Mayor Don McIlroy said his town hall on the homeless had 150 to 200 in attendance, and a "lively conversation." He said a smaller planning meeting will be next week.

McIlroy also said he was approached by a group who wanted to talk about planning for Ted Lewis Park and a skate park, and gave him a petition with 1,000 signatures. He recommended council consider their concerns, since he cannot change the plan for the park.

But council had a concern about an action McIlroy had taken.

A police officer who was not named had resigned, and the law director gave an opinion that the officer was not due extra compensation. But after a grievance was filed, the mayor had granted the officer the $2,000.

McIlroy said, that saved the city from a lawsuit, and the officer had given good service for 20 years. Council member Tom Spring declined a motion to reprimand the mayor.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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