Chillicothe Council Approves Atomic Easement, but Not Downtown Signage

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council gave Atomic Credit Union the go-ahead.

After criticism, delays, apparent failure, facilitations, and adjustments...council approved the easement for proposed new Western Avenue office to have access to Limestone Boulevard.

Dave Tatman said more traffic issues are to come, and he was ambivalent about this issue being resolved. He says artery will "be a handful the next few years" with additional development, and the city needs to help Brewer Heights residents.

Tatman said the best solution to Western Avenue is expensive, and years away...if it will ever happen. That's a $40,000,000 widening of Cabbage Hill to four lanes.


Monday evening, Chillicothe Council dealt with not dealing with it.

You may have noticed new "wayfaring signs" in downtown Chillicothe, showing where to go for various attractions. But they have ended up being a situation of "it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission."

Dave Tatman says they were put up before approval and permission to stay ahead of winter weather.

Council narrowly denied an attempt to pass the resolution to allow the signs on first read. Tatman said the city planning & zoning commission should approve them today, Tuesday. He said the Design & Review Board already approved them.


Tatman said STOP signs will NOT be going up...after the data from speed-tracking signs on Allen Avenue. He was told there were few speeders, and speed bumps and stop signs will not be accepted for the street.

Mayor Feeney pointed out that being close to a car traveling the 25 mph speed limit may feel like it's going too fast.


Tatman also said the funds to make Second Street two-way will be in the 2020 budget.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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