Compromise on Atomic Credit Union Easement

Wednesday evening, Chillicothe Council put a Western Avenue development back on track.

Atomic Credit Union has been seeking an easement from the city onto the entrance road to Brewer Heights, so they can have a workaround for the traffic at the intersection with Western Avenue...and build a new office there.

After disagreements on safety and access, council effectively tabled the legislation that would allow that, and council president Bruce Arnold said it was effectively doomed. So he contacted ODOT, the credit union, and residents, and said he was able to overcome objections and find a compromise.

Revised plans in Wednesday's review session offered an easement on Limestone Boulevard farther back from Western Avenue, and longer lane markings and bigger "delineator" posts in Western.

Mac Peters, a resident of Brewer Heights who spoke with several of his neighbors, said if they can't get a traffic light, this was the best compromise and he liked this outcome.

Arnold says he expects council will un-commit the legislation next session, so it could be passed November 11th.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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