Mayor Sees Successes In First Three Years in Office

Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney says he believes the city is moving forward in offering more confidence for residents as well as business leaders in the community, more than three years into his first term as mayor.


Feeney believes he has worked with council to provide basic services the city can count on. He says the city's finances have also improved, going from a $400,000 carryover when he entered the auditors office, to now $3 million in his third year as mayor.


During his first year as mayor, Chillicothe reopened two shuttered fire stations, increased police and fire department staffing, combined police and fire dispatching and did close to a million dollars in street paving. In his second year he worked with City Council to bring curbside recycling to Chillicothe and in 2018 the program went live citywide.


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