Almost Completely Rebuilt Pickaway County Fairgrounds Opened

Sunday afternoon, the new Pickaway County Fairgrounds were officially opened.

County commissioner Brian Stewart said the largest capital improvements project by Pickaway County since the original fairgrounds in 1945 resulted in seven new buildings built in 10 months.

Stewart said they have been planning for this since 2013, and the new fair board finally committed to the $15 million dollar project last year, with the support of the entire community.

He said the county worked with the fair board to almost completely rebuilt the facility. Steward said the commissioners have a partnership with the fair board to share profits and fund raising to repay debt services.

He says the phone is ringing off the hook for year-round events and rentals of the rebranded "Pickaway County Agriculture and Events Center."

And, he says the fairgrounds will NEVER become decrepit again, with a maintenance plan.

Learn more on their website, or on their two Facebook pages: the Pickaway County Fair, and "Pickaway County Agriculture and Events Center

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

A panorama at the amphitheater


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