Circleville Council on Draft Budget, Expanding Park

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council heard the first of three readings of their harsh draft budget for next year.

Finance chair Barry Keller explained the bare-bones conditions of the mid-year budget of little more than $21 million dollars: no carryover, half of the discretionary spending, no capital requests at first, committee approval for capital requests later, and spending only on contractual obligations.

This "tax budget" is required by the state six months before the final, official budget. Keller said it will probably be close to it, but they will have a better idea on any carryover in the fall.

Keller said council may still consider floating a safety levy since there's still time to put it into the fall election.


After about a year of planning, 35-acre Barthelmas Park on the east side of Circleville will be nearly doubled. Adjacent owners offered to sell more than 20 acres, and the city is financing $306,000 for that.

Finance chair Barry Keller explained the funds are not coming from the strained city budget. Most will be from a grant from the Pickaway County Park District, with remaining money from the city's park and streets tax levy.

Keller said he expects the city will start discussing plans for the enlarged park in 2020 or 2021.


Council also heard a presentation on the upcoming 2020 federal census, and how they can help by spreading the word of the importance of responding. Next year's census will be web-focused with online forms.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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