Large Item Collection Underway in Chillicothe

Large Item Collection is now underway in Chillicothe. The city's five week program got underway June 3rd and offers free removal of large pieces of furniture.


The program schedule corresponds to a neighborhood's trash collection schedule. Neighborhoods with Monday trash collection will see their large items collected this week. The program moves into neighborhoods with Tuesday trash collection next week, and so on.


City Service Director Jeff Carman says the large item collection program is only for items such as larger pieces of furniture and old carpet. Materials such as appliances and electronics, or tires and construction material are prohibited.


If you have any electronics or tires you need to dispose of there is a tire and and electronics recycling event coming up at the Ross County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 15th. If you have any questions about the city's Large Item Collection Program, contact the Chillicothe Service Department.


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