Circleville Council Closer to Everts Decision, Seeks Grants

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council saw the Everts school wing move closer to resolution.

Pickaway developer and property manager John Bialy said he still feels positive about being part of a consortium to redevelop the abandoned gym and industrial arts wing the city owns into a community center.

He said he felt the same good feeling from when he spoke at the last last council session, and that he has much more information than last time, and more interest in the project.

So now he needs a "green light" from the city because his partners need to know he has support - which he got.

Council agreed to give a "vote of support" to Bialy and the city administration, to work with the city-county economic development agency, to convey the property to the consortium.

Bialy said after more due diligence, he should be ready to close on the agreement in 60 to 90 days.


Council had many questions about seeking a grant for emergency equipment.

Public Safety Director Terry Frazier explained how the city planned to work with a grant writer to fund a new fire engine and/or ambulance.

He said it would require a 5% local match, plus 4% to the grant writer, to have the federal grant pay 90% of the cost.

The city seeks grants every year with the same grant writer, who has a good track record. But Frazer expected winning only one of the two. If he had to choose he would go for the ambulance, but he said they would take which ever they got.

Some council members had concerns about funding the purchases while the city budget is under stress.

But with aging equipment, the auditor pointed out the annual budgeting for repairs is half of the expense for a new vehicle....and that delivery would probably be next year, anyhow.

Council voted to pass the ordinance.


Council also ratified the firefighters' labor agreement.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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