Chillicothe Council Will Meet with Long Agenda

Chillicothe Council meets in regular session at 7:30pm Monday, April 8th, with a long agenda of 18 items. They include:

- approving a mass notification system

- appropriating $72,000 for the Woodbridge Avenue Project

- appropriating $19,000 for Fire Department software, after unappropriating $18,000 purchase order

- appropriating $50,000 of court funds to repair the cooling tower of the Municipal Court

- accepting a state grant for police body armor

- authorizing lease-purchase of radio equipment for $238,080

- authorizing lease-purchase of computer-aided design equipment for $150,990

- authorizing acquisition of two police cruisers and a K-9 for $106,430

Council is broadcast on local cable networks: Horizon on channel 2, and Spectrum on channel 1021. A separate video of regular session is also posted by Dustin Proehl on Youtube.

A special session of council, and committees, met last Monday.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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