Circleville Council Cancels Special Tax Levy

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council took action...or inaction...on two tax levies.

The August special election for an income tax levy to maintain police and fire crews is OFF. Finance chair Barry Keller said after hearing many opinions, he didn't feel the city was ready to pay for the special election that still needs to be explained, publicized, and campaigned for.

He said a levy in the regular election is a possibility.

The new county Health Commissioner, Nassandra Wright, introduced herself to council. She discussed their property tax levy proposed for the November election, for increased services and funding.

But if that levy fails, the city would be asked to contribute more to the Health District. So Keller moved to have their representative, the mayor, vote against allowing that in the advisory council to the health district.

Keller said it was great to have have a new commissioner, and she is welcome to visit again.


Council spent about half an hour as Committee of the Whole discussing the disposition of the gym and industrial arts wing the city still owns of former Everts School.

There has been interest in turning it into a cultural arts center, but the city has done almost nothing to the deteriorating building for two years. It's tied into the historic tax credits given for renovation of the main school building into senior housing.

The utilities have been cut off from the main school building so it has gone through two winters without heat, and the roof over the wood floor of the gym is in dire need of replacement.

Finance Chair Barry Keller said safety services need funding first, then unfinished Ted Lewis Park. Tom Spring said the only group to show interest, wanting to create the "Pickaway Arts and Life Center," has not been given a fair response from the city.

Council decided to give the arts group until April 16th before making a final decision.


Council also authorized the mayor to negotiate with the Pickaway Progress Partnership to acquire the vacated fire station on South Court Street just north of McDonald's for economic development opportunities.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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