Chillicothe Fire Chief Explains Proposed New Western Station

The first public presentation about a new west-side fire station was Monday evening at the Ross County Service Center.

Chillicothe Fire Chief Jeff Creed explained why the University Drive fire station needs to be replaced, and how everything about the new site and design are better.

Although OU donated the current site, Creed says the hilltop location is a bad one. He said 90% of their runs are downhill, which puts much wear-and-tear on the trucks.

In addition, it's a blind intersection at the bottom of University Drive where eastbound drivers might not hear or see them, and they must come to a full stop.

Creed said the new location would allow almost the same response time by avoiding that. The lot on Centennial Boulevard, behind Burger King, is also free from Adena Health System.

He pointed out that the sweet spot for a new location, with all of Chillicothe's western growth, is between Plyleys Lane and Limestone Boulevard.

Creed said the 1968 station itself is also too small and outdated, and they can fund its replacement without new taxes.

It was built to lower standards than the newer downtown and east side stations. It also can't address concerns about toxins from firefighting and diesel exhaust.

A two-sided flyer explaining this and more should be available on their Facebook page. Additional presentations should be scheduled soon.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

The first public presentation about a new Chillicothe west-side fire station was at the Ross County Service Center.


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