Chillicothe Council Creates a Computer Wizard, Allows Parking Ticketing

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council created a 'computer wizard' position...ahead of schedule.

Tech chair Dustin Proehl said he wants the new position of "Information Technology Specialist" to more than pay for itself. It should make sure all offices are running smoothly, reduce down time if something breaks, and coordinate new purchases or consultations.

He and mayor Feeney figured they had better act sooner than they planned, though. Proehl said they wanted to let it go all three reads, but with stories of ransomware and computer viruses in other cities, as well as computer challenges Chillicothe has had, Feeney said to step it up.

Proehl said this is an opportunity to write the rule book and prove a a job that should eventually pay more.


Council made it possible for the parking patrol to restart.

Joel Fleurima said council passed the legislation on first reading because Mayor Feeney had made his designations per state law, having the chief of police hear violations.

The safety director has also been designated to communicate with police regarding parking violations.

Fleurima said this put the city in sync with Ohio Revised Code...and so the parking tickets can be written again.


In addition, city safety director Jeff Carman said utility construction is picking up, especially with the gas line work in the west side.

Carman said he spoke with that crew, but if anyone feels something is being done unsafely, they should contact the city.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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