Mayor Asks for Damage Reports, Chillicothe Council Acts on Grant

In Chillicothe Council Monday evening, the mayor asked for damage reports from the public.

After this winter's high winds and freeze-thaw cycles, Mayor Luke Feeney said to please notify the city of any tree limbs downed on public right-of-ways, or repairs needed.

He said to call them in, or use the new website - especially over a weekend or whenever personnel aren't available to answer.

Feeney said he even made a report himself on a traffic light at Main and Bridge, when the turn signal light was hanging crooked by a single wire.

The traffic light should be repaired about 9am, after Tuesday morning's rush until then, avoid needing to turn from eastbound Main onto northbound Bridge.

Find the city's website at - with no dot before the o-h.

Council also saw that a grant went to a downtown project. Mayor Feeney pointed out the appropriation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, on first reading.

This is for the "Nipgen Corner Project." It had been chosen two years ago, but Feeney says is just now getting underway.

It's not right on the northeast corner of Second and Paint, but is a few doors down, starting at the stairway on Second Street.

Council also appropriated more than $9,000 to repair the boiler in the Municipal Building...repealed the homeless and suspicious persons ordinance...and went into executive session on "pending legal action."

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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