Chillicothe Council Given 2018 Financial Review

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council heard a review of last year's financials.

Chillicothe Auditor Krystal Spetnagel ran through the numbers for 2018. She said the city is doing well, and has a good carryover of $2.8 million dollars.

But she says the biggest relief, is the state relenting on financials. Early this year, the "Fiscal Caution" the state had marked the city with since 2012 was lifted. She said she worked with the city treasurer to clear it up.

Spetnagel says the cost of health insurance is the biggest concern. But so far, this year looks good...and they're watching it closely, with monthly and quarterly financial reviews.

She handed out 18 pages of numbers, charts, graphs, and line items to council to show how 2018 went.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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