Chillicothe Has New & Improved Website

(35 South Paint Street) -- Mayor Luke Feeney is proud to announce the launch of the city’s improved website, making it easier for residents to access services and find information. 

“The new site has a clean design, is mobile friendly, and is easier to use,” said Mayor Feeney. 

Significant additions include a notification center with new applications such as Enotify, which allows residents to receive alerts and the Citizen Request Center that helps users reach out to specific departments with any questions or concerns. 

“The new website was designed as a tool that can be used to increase the quality of life for residents and visitors alike and we’re excited to roll it out,” said Feeney.

Users will continue to be able to search for job opportunities, pay water bills, and find trash and recycling information. In addition, the website has a comprehensive news and events section where residents can be updated on current affairs and includes a translation application for more than 100 languages. 

The site is live now and its web address is  (Note:  No "." after Chillicothe.)  

Please email any suggestions or concerns to


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