Chillicothe 2018 Holiday Light Winners Announced

The winners of the City of Chillicothe annual Holiday Light contest have been released. 

In the "Rockwell" category, for a traditional display:

  • 3rd place - James Glandons and Shannon Berry at 132 Grand Avenue
  • 2nd place - Curtis Smith at 891 Madison Avenue
  • 1st place - Randy Kelley at 694 Orange Street

For the "Griswold" award, named after the excessive display in the American Lampoon movie:

  • 3rd - Steve and Susan Hardbarger at 1036 Edgewood Avenue
  • 2nd - Justin Dunham at 137 Sharon Road
  • 1st  - Bryan Fields at 679 Allen Avenue

Chillicothe 2018 Holiday Light contest participants and winners


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