Changes Discussed for Chillicothe Transit System

Chillicothe Transit is making some changes that some riders are taking exception to. Director Donna Schinkle says one of these changes is to have transit drivers take different routes in an effort to "familiarize all drivers with every route".

Schinkle understands there is a "learning curve" for these drivers as well as the passengers.

Plans are also being discussed to change some of the regular bus routes, which Schinkle hopes will improve the riding experience for those on the Chillicothe Transit. When those route changes are proposed, there will be a public hearing for people to comment.

Chillicothe Transit riders are being asked to adjust to the enforcement of a long-standing rule concerning the number of bags they bring on the bus. Schinkle says there has always been a four-bag limit for passengers and this rule is a matter of safety for other riders.

Transit Director Donna Schinkle joined Mayor Luke Feeney as guests on the iHeart Media Communique. That inteview can also be heard in our podcast link below...



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