Ross County Home Health Dropping Pediatric Home Services

Ross County Home Health is speaking out against a discontinuation of pediatric home health services to some area families by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

The home health agency says a notice was sent to impacted families noting the decision was due to insurance and billing issues at the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

They blame Ohio Department of Medicaid policies that allow the Medicaid Managed Care Plans to deny payments and request pre-authorization for families that have Medicaid as their secondary insurance.

Ross County Home Health often provides therapy services to kids that are known to qualify for services, yet payment is often delayed or denied.

They were the only home health agency in the area accepting managed care pediatric therapy cases, but now there will be no local agencies providing the service.

Ross County Home Health says they are working to resolve the issue by reaching out to the families impacted to work collaboratively and communicate the need for more state resources.


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