Ohio University-Chillicothe Theatre

‘night, Mother' is about Jessie and Thelma Cates, a middle-aged woman and her elderly mother, who live together. At the beginning of the one-act play, Jessie tells Thelma that she plans on committing suicide. Jessie spends the play explaining to her mother why she feels killing herself is a necessary choice and trying to prepare Thelma for living without her. Thelma tries to convince Jessie not to commit suicide. 

The audience should be aware that the characters discuss depression, mental illness, suicide, etc., issues which may trigger individuals suffering from PTSD, clinical depression, anxiety, etc.  

‘night, Mother is being produced in commemoration of suicide prevention/awareness month, and a portion of the box office proceeds will benefit the Ross County Suicide Prevention Coalition. 

The production will run Thursday, September 27-Sunday, September 30, with performances at 8pm on Thursday through Saturday, and at 3pm on Sunday. The production is directed by Ohio University-Chillicothe student Julia Everidge. 

For more information, please contact Theater Program Director Dr. Lance Mekeel at 740-774-7209 or mekeel@ohio.edu.


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