Chillicothe Council Confers on Tickets

Chillicothe Council had a long Monday evening of review and committee meetings, with much of the time spent on parking tickets. 

The Law Director had informed the city that the lack of information on how to appeal a ticket was problematic, and the Municipal Court judges had issues with unpaid tickets changing from a civil infraction to a misdemeanor that would use up their services. 

Council president Bruce Arnold showed sample legislation and procedures from several Ohio cities.  The most thorough was from Canton, which closely resembled Ohio Revised Code. 

Safety Service committee chair Joel Fleurima did not push for a resolution of the issue yet, though he admitted the process has been slow.   

He said copying Ohio law is one idea, but he said the best action would be to meet with the Law Director to hammer things out. 

Fleurima said he hoped to meet next week and move soon with legislation. 

Council also considered requests for police hiring, how to deal with deferred and unclear maintenance of downtown Streetscape sidewalks, and other issues that should be brought up in next Monday's council session. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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