OSU Forms Committee to Investigate Urban Meyer

(24/7 News) -- The Ohio State University Board of Trustees is creating an independent board to oversee the investigation into Coach Urban Meyer.  Trustees say the independent panel will consist of five people including a former Ohio House Speaker, a former acting U.S. Deputy Attorney General, and a former U.S. Attorney.  

Coach Meyer was placed on administrative leave Wednesday after allegations surfaced his wife was aware of domestic violence complaints against an assistant coach made in 2015.

Powell, Ohio Police and Delaware County records show the ex-wife of fired Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith filed nine complaints against him between 2012 and July of this year.  According the records, most of the complaints accused Smith of stalking his ex-wife, hacking into her computer, and unwanted surveillance.  

Delaware County prosecutors said yesterday Smith was never charged in any of those complaints because of the difficulty of gathering evidence to prove the crime occurred.  Last May, Police did charge Smith with criminal trespassing at his ex-wife's residence which led to his being terminated from the University.


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