Ohio Libraries Expand Online Learning Network

The Ohio Library Council and the Ohio Public Library Information Network have announced an expansion of the state's online library learning program. It's a three year $710,000 yearly agreement with LinkedIn which will provide Ohioans free access to online courses that offer everything from language study to workforce development skills. 

Erin Lyons, an Enrichment Team Leader with the Chillicothe Ross County Public Library says it's not a big change for local system as they have already offered such courses for some time, but she adds that it has one pretty significant effect: Savings!

With the state picking up the funding for the online learning courses, Lyons says that translates to a projected saving of more than $16,000 for the local library system, per year.

Officials say most library systems in Ohio likely should have the service by September. If you'd like to learn how to take advantage of the online courses, simply contact your local library.


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