Monday's Chillicothe City School Board Actions

Monday afternoon, the Chillicothe city school board heard the team working on a 13-foot Neil Johnston statue give an update on their fund-raising, saying they had $10,300...will get $500 from the David Meade Massie Foundation...but asked if the school district could contribute some.  

A "Resolution  of Necessity" was approved, to substitute a new, smaller tax levy on the fall ballot, for the current one which will expire at the end of the year.  

"Personnel Items" included accepting the resignation of Tiffin Elementary principal Todd Shoemaker.  Board Member Liz Corzine said she wanted to accept his resignation immediately, but couldn't because of his instead criticized him as "unprofessional", for his critical comments of the board's treatment of Superintendent Jon Saxton over the Jeff Fisher investigation.  But board member Joy Shoemaker said Todd Shoemaker turned Tiffin Elementary around.  

There was no mention of Saxton during the public portion of the meeting, as Saxton remains on "family leave".

The school board will have a special meeting 7pm Friday in the board conference room to close out their fiscal year, then another session by July 9th to cover late resignations and hirings.  

Board president Steve Mullins praised the city for working with them on the streets around the new schools...but since Columbia Gas will tear up the streets around Cherry Street next year, the city will wait until afterward to repave.  

The board then went into an executive session on personnel. 

Bruce Caplinger and Jan Corzine hold a 21-inch model of the 13-foot statue of forgotten CHS basketball hero Neil Johnson they are helping to erect outside of Hatton Gym.
In the Chillicothe city school board, member Liz Corzine (far left) said she wanted to accept the resignation of Tiffin Elementary principal Todd Shoemaker immediately, but couldn't because of his instead criticized him as unprofessional.  But board member Joy Shoemaker (far right) said he turned Tiffin around.


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