Shoemaker Resigns as Tiffin Elementary Principal

Tiffin Elementary Principal Todd Shoemaker has announced he is resigning his post at the end of July over what he refers to as the poor treatment the city school board is handing out to Chillicothe District Superintendent Jon Saxton. 

Shoemaker stated his belief in comments that appeared in a Chillicothe Gazette article. Shoemaker stated in the article, that his brother-in-law Jon Saxton, is getting undue blame for the way the school investigated previous complaints about sexual misconduct of former CHS Principal Jeff Fisher. Fisher has since been indicted by the Ross County Grand Jury on charges he engaged in sexual activity with more than one female student at the school. 

Saxton went on Family Leave last month, but rumors have been building steam for weeks that the board is planning to dismiss Saxton as superintendent. That speculation has increased with Todd Shoemaker's stated reason for resignation at Tiffin. 

An anonymous source has told iHeart Media News that Saxton was forced by the board of education to take Family Leave last month, where he remains on leave. 

At last month's board of education meeting, Board President Steve Mullins told iHeart Media News that he didn't know the reason for Saxton taking his Family Leave, but speculated it could be due to poor health of his parents.

The board's next meeting is this Monday.

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