Chillicothe Council Spends More on Water Equipment

Chillicothe Council spent more on the aging water treatment plant Monday evening. 

Pat Patrick said one of the wells for city water was found to have severe corrosion.  They were given three choices:  rebuilding it, replace part, or replace an increasing price tag.   

Council approved the highest choice, complete replacement, on first reading.  The motor and pump probably date to construction of the plant in 1991. 

An attempt to give permission for a garage to extend onto the public right-of-way failed.  With Patrick leading the opposition, the revocable encroachment for a garage that lost its house to a fire recently was voted down, five to four.  

Patrick said she wanted the city to deal with the situation behind 497 High Street now, and not wait until Yoctangee Parkway might be widened. 

For a program that didn't exist eight years ago, Nuisance Abatement has gotten quite busy. 

Pat Patrick also pointed out the numbers for the program that uses a single police officer to respond to property complaints, monitor progress, and testify in court.  She said 51 properties are on the active monitor list, 861 properties are being checked, and letters have been sent to 120 property owners regarding compliance. 

She said the program is about 7 years old, and the development of a spreadsheet last year has allowed much more activity - and shows the need for the program. 

Patrick says to contact her about any nuisance issue.  A Nuisance Committee meeting is 2:30 Tuesday in the Municipal Building. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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