Chillicothe Council Pays for Profitable Transit Client, Makes Plan

Chillicothe Council met Tuesday evening because of Monday's holiday.  They heard good news from the city transit department.

Pat Patrick said the city bus system picked up a new client for their on-call services outside the city that should be profitable.  She said that a "RossGo" provider is covering as many miles as all the other providers combined. 

But her ordinance to appropriate $2,280,000 was passed because the city must spend money to make money.  That will cover the bills, and then the city can keep 25 cents a mile.  Patrick said it will come out close to a $250,000 profit for the city. 

She said Transit reported they can handle the extra work. 

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Chillicothe Council approved their own new five-year-plan. 

Dustin Proehl said he took on the special committee to give council some direction, instead of council seeming to fly by the seat of their pants.  He said this will give direction as a yearly reviewable guiding document. 

Proehl said he used his skills as a teacher to engage debate over four committee meetings, and was happy with getting all council members engaged in spirited debate. 

This is the first time in recent history that council has made some sort of plan for themselves. 

He said it's less than 10 pages, and hopefully will be available on the city website soon. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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