Chillicothe Council Approves Trying for More Sidewalks

In Chillicothe Council Monday evening, the engineering chair saw three ordinances pass to improve streets, sidewalks, and cellular service.  

Councilman Dave Tatman gives credit to Mayor Luke Feeney, who he says is progressive in looking out for grants to build sidewalks where needed. 

The Western Avenue sidewalk planned along the lake of Governor's Place has been designed to go farther.  Tatman says it will contine west to Krogers and the medical offices across the street, and east to the National Church Residences, Hopeton Village, and the Ross County Service Center. 

Tatman also saw permission granted to increase cellular service with two pole-mounted antennas on north Bridge Street, and cooperation with the state on repaving Bridge Street from Main to Marietta. 

The Western Avenue improvements may be delayed again, to next least after repaving Bridge Street. 

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Council also started to pay their share for work on the Chillicothe / Ross County Law Enforcement Center. 

Councilman Aaron Hines saw his ordinance pass to start paying the county, to help with repairs to the building they share.  He said the county has allowed the city to spread out their payments over five years.  This year's payment is little more than $30,000, while the last should be $151,000. 

The city already made some past due payments to Ross County in March. 

Does Hines know when the work on the 30-year-old Law Enforcement Center will end?  He heard it keeps getting backed off, and currently is in the fall. 

Council also agreed to spend $50,000 planned in the budget for new police cruisers. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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