Chillicothe Council Acts on Yard Waste, Sewer Rate

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council approved funds to do something about the yard waste site on Renick Avenue. 

Council members have been talking about...and listening to...dialog about the clogged and closed site. 

Aaron Hines is chair of City Services, and saw his ordinance to appropriate $50,000 to clean it pass on first reading.  He said the city wants to try to get it ready as the spring growing season nears. 

Hines said the main problem is that the wrong people have been abusing the opportunity to dump there, considering the size and amount of stumps and logs.  Monitoring teh site and restricting hours are a consideration.

He said the Ohio EPA found the city was noncompliant, but was unsure what tipped them off. 

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Council approved a utility rate hike. 

Pat Patrick saw her committee's recommendation pass on second reading to raise the sewer rate by 4%.  (Water remains the same.) 

She said the funds are for the aging sewage plant, which the city is studying to make estimates.  She said there were few comments on the proposed rate hike. 

Patrick pointed out three other ways to dispose of unwanted stuff, coming up in June: the city-wide yard sale, the following large item pick up, and the Solid Waste District's tire and electronic drop off at the fairgrounds. 

She said after all that, there is no excuse to have any junk in your yard! 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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