Circleville Council on EMT Devices, Pay Rates

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council authorized buying some new devices for EMT's. 

Fire Chief Marc Zingarelli said a FEMA grant pays almost all of the $95,250 project cost.  The city pays only $4,536. 

Circleville can now get two new defibrillators, and two new chest compression devices.  Zingarelli said the CPR devices allow one person to function as three.  They also don't get tired of doing chest compressions. 

He said the city also needed to replace some defibrillators - one from 1998. 

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Circleville's council president wants to be sure city candidates know what their pay will be. 

David Crawford requested at least three council members for his "Compensation Committee" to help out look at the pay and compensation for elected officials.  There have been no pay raises for three years. 

He said it was only fair for anyone running for office to know what they would earn.  Crawford said numbers should be out in a year, in time for candidates' petitions for the next election. 

The mayor said he also happened to be doing the same for his department heads. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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