Chillicothe Council on Rate Hike, Feast vs Downtown

It was mentioned in Chillicothe Council Monday evening that the possibility of a sewer rate hike is coming up for discussion. 

Pat Patrick is chair of the city utilities, including water and sewer.  City law automatically allows a rate hike once a year, unless council stops it - two percent for each. 

Patrick said her water rate review committee recommended four persent on just sewer.  The city has been working to catch up with maintenance needs at the aging sewer treatment plant.

Patrick says she would really like to hear from customers before the rate hike, though.  They usually complain afterwards.  

Her committee will meet Wednesday evening. 

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Downtown concerns about the downtown festival were aired in Chillicothe Council Monday evening - two restaurant owners asked for a different way to have the upcoming Feast of the Flowering Moon interact with downtown Chillicothe. 

Danielle Tucker who owns "R Kitchen on Paint" said she would like to promote both town and festival.  But even with better placement of food vendors in Paint Street, her customers said they avoid the event.   They decided to close for the festival last year, which meant a $20,000 loss for the three days. 

Sheldon Andrus is co-owner of "The Madison" farther south, and is opening "OMG Rotisserie" at Paint and Second, soon. 

But he also owns the "Burrito Buggy" in Athens, and has a different perspective on setting up food vendors in the Feast.  He says there is a better way to help them operate that would balance things out. 

Randy Davies of the Chamber of Commerce, and Water Street businessman and council president Bruce Arnold also gave input. 

The two restaurant owners plan to return for the next council session. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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