Circleville Council Starts to Act on Everts School Wing

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council started moving again on the proposed arts and recreation center. 

After passing seven ordinances and again going into an executive session on the Berger transition, council met in Committee of the Whole and spent almost an hour on the remaining part of the historic Everts School that they own - the Mill Street gym and industrial arts building. 

In the end, they asked for three things from city administration.  First was the possible cost to get bids, and what needs done. 

Second was a possible need for more parking...and considering negotiations for the old Corwin Street football field, still owned by the school system. 

The third was to seek more funds.

Council President David Crawford said the process that started with selling the vacant main school building to a developer of senior housing, is finally moving along on the leftover parts. 

The proponents of the Pickaway Arts & Life Center said they were happy about the city starting to move ahead on the issue after more than two years. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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