Flooded Roads (2nd Update)

ODOT reports the following routes are impacted by high water, as of the morning of  February 23rd.  

In Pike County:

- S.R. 220 at the 10.5-mile marker and C.R. 51 (River Road), south of Waverly (closed)

In Vinton County (4pm update):

- SR 328 between SR 93 and SR 56 (closed)

- SR 349 between Jackson County line and SR 160 (restricted)

- SR 356 between US 50 and Athens County line (closed)

In Hocking County (2:30pm update):

- SR 56 between Laurelville and Vinton County line (restricted)

- SR 56 between Vinton County line and SR 328 N (restricted)

- SR 278 between Nelsonville and SR 595 (closed)

- SR 328 between SR 56 and US 33 (restricted)

- SR 595 between SR 278 and Perry County line (restricted)

- SR 664 between SR 56 and US 33 (restricted)

In Scioto County:

- S.R. 73/104 at the 25.18-mile marker and the interchange ramps at S.R. 852 and U.S. 52 (closed)

- S.R. 73/104 at the 25.56-mile marker and the Second Street Bridge at Portsmouth (closed)

- S.R. 239 between the 0.00-mile marker at U.S. 52 and the 1.22-mile marker at S.R. 73/104 at West Portsmouth (closed)

Closures are in effect until further notice. Motorists are reminded that crossing any closed route is strictly prohibited, and they should use additional caution when traveling on roadways which remain open but where standing water may be present.

For more detailed traffic information, and to get personalized traffic alerts for your commute, download the OHGO app or visit OHGO.com.


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