Circleville Council Finalizes Budget, Continues With Berger

After Circleville Council Tuesday evening, the city now has its final budget adjustment. 

Finance chair Barry Keller said, after final numbers for the carryover and anticipated revenue came in after the end of the year, the reductions to make the budget more realistic were minor. 

And what is that final number?  $24,133,102. 

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Circleville Council continued their deliberations on moving the city-county owned Berger Health System towards being a more-competitive private nonprofit. 

Council President David Crawford said the committee meetings after council sessions have been "very constructive and forward thinking."

They have two to four meetings a month scheduled through June. 

The meetings have been in executive session because they involve "trade secrets."  That's one of the reasons Ohio law allows governments to exclude the public. 

Crawford said they have no set timeline or deadline. 

Several board members of Berger had arrived to answer questions Tuesday evening. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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