SE Ohio Roads Affected by High Water - Update

ODOT crews are monitoring roads for high water.  The list of areas in southeastern Ohio that are flooded due to heavy rain continues to grow.  

Drivers are reminded that they should never attempt to travel through high water.

S.R. 124 in Pike County has been closed at the 15.0-mile marker, just east of S.R. 772, due to flooding.

In addition, the following routes have been closed in Scioto County, also as a result of high water and flooding.

  • S.R. 73 at the 0.0-mile marker and between the Adams County line and the community of Rarden;
  • S.R. 139 at the 18.0-mile marker and the Jackson County line;
  • S.R. 140 at the 16.0-mile marker and the community of Eifort and the Lawrence County line; and
  • S.R. 239 between the 0.00 and the 1.22-mile markers, between U.S. 52 and S.R. 73 at West Portsmouth.

In Vinton County, the following routes are impacted by high water (as of 9 am):

- US 50 between SR 671 and SR 683 (restricted)

- SR 56 between SR 93 and SR 328 (restricted)

- SR 278 between US 50 and the Hocking County line (restricted)

- SR 328 between SR 93 and SR 56 (restricted)

The following routes in Hocking County are impacted by high water (as of 11:15 am):

- SR 56 between Laurelville and the Vinton County line (restricted)

- SR 56 between the Vinton County line and SR 328 north (restricted)

- SR 93 between Logan (south end) and the Perry County line (closed)

- SR 278 between SR 56 and the Athens County line (restricted)

- SR 278 between Nelsonville and SR 595 (restricted)

- SR 328 between SR 56 and US 33 (restricted)

- SR 595 between SR 278 and the Perry County line (restricted)

Know Before You Go!

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