FAC Bowling Championships

FAC League Bowling Matches at Shawnee Lanes in Chillicothe.  

Girl's Team Champion"  Hillsboro

Boy's Team Co Champions:  Miami Trace/Hillsboro

Boy's All FAC

Bowler of the Year:  Andrew Amore- Miami Trace

Brandon Underwood- Washington CH 

Christian McConehea- Hillsboro

Austin Knisley- Washington CH

Jackson Perkins- Miami Trace

Andrew Louderbeck- Hillsboro

Hayden Miller- Hillsboro

Girl's All FAC

Bowler of the Year: Selena Mingue  Hillsboro

Lindsey Buckner- Washington CH

Maddy Miller- Hillsboro

Brook Kier- Hillsboro

Sammy Arbogast- Washington

Brittany Peters- Miami Trace

Taylor Orr- Chillicothe


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